polished concrete floors Wellard, WA

Check our new polished concrete floors, Wellard 6170 Western Australia

If multi-colours and pearls are not your point then perhaps you are buying a single shade epoxy flooring with a highend end to fit office or your home. These high-end epoxy surfaces can be found in nearly every coloring, have a mirrorlike finish, and appearance positively stunning. Granicrete surfaces could accommodate your home whether it is ultra-modern or austere in character.

Our finishes can include around 13 diverse procedures to generate your finished flooring and with regards to the whole region, consider ranging from 3-4 times to perform.

Diamond grinders use horizontally revolving discs to wash and clean concrete surfaces. Total machine extraction to eradicate any airborne dirt is utilised by us. Ready ground is subsequently completely free from imperfections and laitance. This process generates a great profile for many flooring coatings

A wax instead of a topical wax can be used in the final-stage to boost a floor and help its toughness to be maintained by it over a lengthy period of time. Traffic that is typical may resume to the spot right after the approach that is above, therefore there’s no need to wait nights for treatment that is total -minimizing down-time therefore and bills!

polished concrete floors Wellard Western Australia
polished concrete floors Wellard
polished concrete floors Wellard

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