polished concrete floors Spearwood, WA

Try New polished concrete floors, Spearwood 6163 Western Australia

If pearls and multi colours are not your factor then perhaps you are looking for a simple colour epoxy ground using a highend end to suit your home or office. These high-end epoxy floors have a mirrorlike finish, can be found in nearly every colour, and look absolutely breathtaking. Granicrete Epoxy surfaces can fit your house whether it is ultra rustic or modern in nature.

Your finishes can include around 13 various processes with regards to the full area and to generate your floor that is completed, take anywhere between 3-4 times to perform.

Diamond mills use horizontally spinning discs to wash and clean concrete surfaces. We utilise full machine extraction to get rid of any airborne dust. Well floor that is prepared is then completely free from defects and laitance. This technique produces a great profile for many floor coatings

Help it to maintain its toughness over a lengthy time period and there is rather than a topical wax a penetrating wax used in the final stage to boost the floor. Typical traffic may continue about the region immediately following the process that is above, consequently there’s no need to delay nights for total treatment -reducing down time and therefore expenses!

polished concrete floors Spearwood Western Australia
polished concrete floors Spearwood
polished concrete floors Spearwood

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