polished concrete floors Naval Base, WA

Check our new polished concrete floors, Naval Base 6165 Western Australia

Are your concrete floors looking amp exhausted & ? Then request NewFloor Floors to correct them. In rotating common into amazing using the NewFloor Surfaces epoxy flooring system, we specialise. Your hard wearing epoxy films are perfect for all residence, commercial or professional floors. The materials that are most effective are simply used by our team and we’re focused on giving good quality epoxy surfaces everytime!

Epoxy floor is good for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial purposes. It is also a fantastic alternative to polyurethane flooring coating, which may release strong fumes and is costly, challenging to apply.

We are frequently expected to grind a concrete slab to remove other substances or the prevailing coating and only apply a couple roll jackets of distinct epoxy within the exterior. This is a smart way to create a flooring seem like a million dollars without spending it!

The merchandise we used in our professional installations found and are chosen from around the globe to ensure the best quality and also have certification according to the newest EEC instructions because of their suitability for use in the food business. We may also install coving to supply an entirely seamless epoxy flooring layer. Victoria business people love our function, and we are confident you’ll also!

VisionFloors provides the full installation service, dealing with clients and designers from idea to completion ensuring achievement in both effectiveness and appearance to meet up and exceed customer expectations. As it pertains to residential programs, our layer options are perfect for bedrooms such as the kitchen or storage. Low maintenance and incredibly sturdy, this finish can be very economical.

polished concrete floors Naval Base Western Australia
polished concrete floors Naval Base
polished concrete floors Naval Base

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