polished concrete floors Lower Chittering, WA

Check our new polished concrete floors, Lower Chittering 6084 Western Australia

If multi-colours and pearls are not your matter then you may be buying single color epoxy flooring using a high end finish to fit office or your home. These high-end epoxy surfaces look absolutely gorgeous, possess a mirror like end, and come in just about any coloring. Granicrete Epoxy floors can suit your house whether it is ultra rustic or modern in nature.

Our finishes can include up to 13 diverse processes depending on the overall region and to generate your floor that is finished, take between 3-4 times to perform.

Diamond mills use horizontally rotating disks to clean and easy concrete floors. Complete vacuum removal to eliminate any airborne dust is utilised by us. Well flooring that is prepared is subsequently completely free from laitance. This process provides an ideal profile for several floor coatings

Make it to maintain its durability over along time frame and there is instead of a relevant wax a penetrating sealer used within the final-stage to enhance a floor. Typical traffic might resume on the region right after the procedure that is aforementioned, therefore there is no need to delay days for complete treatment -minimizing down-time so and bills!

polished concrete floors Lower Chittering Western Australia
polished concrete floors Lower Chittering
polished concrete floors Lower Chittering

An epoxy finish can be a liquid glue coupled with a agent, utilized in a number of thicknesses over fresh or present cement to produce a well-matched floor exterior. The glue is sometimes quite or apparent carefully shaded, and boasts no smell. A response starts that turns the glue into when it’s combined with the hardener a solid -like area.

NewFloor Surfaces expertise is in epoxy floor; although we do employ the NewFloor epoxy program to numerous concrete floors. Ranging from terrace floor, restaurant floors, retail shop floors, professional flooring and many more. Come Visit our showrooms in Melbourne Gold Coast and Ipswich.

Granicrete Artistic Epoxy is especially attractive and is endless in its qualities to become employed in an inventive trend. The Epoxy is coloured, occasionally numerous colours, pearls can be included, and several sheets can be applied to get the amazing outcomes that makes a Granicrete Creative Epoxy flooring the very best on the market.

The important thing to any ground process that is prosperous can be a floor preparation that is correct. The exterior that is concrete should be free from dust, oil, acrylic along with other contaminants. We concentrate on concrete polishing and diamond milling.

We provide both professional and professional floor alternatives, and we are able to change any concrete floors that are polished with your range of professional and attractive resin products. In addition to sealing new areas, we could also restore and resurface floors.

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