polished concrete floors Caversham, WA

Unique polished concrete floors, Caversham 6055 Western Australia

An coating can be a liquid resin combined with a hardening agent, applied in a number of thicknesses over fresh or existing concrete to create a well-matched floor exterior. The resin is possibly distinct or very softly colored, and boasts no odour. A chemical response starts that changes the glue in to, when it’s mixed with the hardener a sturdy -like exterior.

NewFloor Floors expertise is in epoxy floor; although we do employ the NewFloor flooring method to numerous concrete surfaces. Which range from commercial flooring, patio flooring, retail shop floors, coffeeshop floors and a whole lot more. Come Visit our showrooms in Ipswich, Victoria and Goldcoast.

Granicrete Artistic Epoxy it is limitless in its qualities to be employed in a imaginative style and is especially appealing. The Epoxy is tinted, occasionally numerous hues, pearls can be added, and many sheets might be applied to have the brilliant consequences which makes a Artistic Epoxy flooring the top in the market.

The main element to any successful floor technique is actually a floor prep that is right. The area that is concrete should really be free of dirt, dust, oil, other and acrylic pollutants. We concentrate on concrete polishing and diamond milling.

We also present both industrial and professional floor answers, and we could change any concrete floors that are slick with this selection of commercial and decorative resin items. In addition to sealing fresh surfaces, we can also fix and resurface floors.

polished concrete floors Caversham Western Australia
polished concrete floors Caversham
polished concrete floors Caversham

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