polished concrete floors Carlisle North, WA

Unique polished concrete floors, Carlisle North 6101 Western Australia

Are your real floors looking amp, exhausted & ; worn? Then consult NewFloor Floors to correct them. We specialise in transforming common into amazing utilizing the NewFloor Surfaces epoxy flooring system. Our hardwearing epoxy films are perfect industrial or professional floors, for all home. Our team only employs the resources that are best and we’re to providing every time to good quality epoxy surfaces committed!

Epoxy flooring is perfect for a variety of commercial , professional and residential uses. It’s also an excellent alternative to polyurethane floor finish, which may release smells that are powerful and is costly, complicated to use.

We’re often expected to grind a concrete slab to get rid of other contaminates or the prevailing finish after which just implement a few throw clothes of clear epoxy over the area. This is a good way without paying it, to produce a ground appear to be one million dollars!

The products we use in our commercial installations are carefully picked and acquired from aroundtheworld to guarantee the best quality and also have accreditation based on the newest EEC instructions for their appropriateness for use within the food market. We also can mount coving to provide a completely smooth epoxy flooring coating. Our function is loved by Melbourne companies, and we’re certain you will also!

VisionFloors offers the complete installation assistance, working from principle with clients and developers to end ensuring accomplishment in both performance and appearance to fulfill and exceed client objectives. As it pertains to residential purposes, our coating alternatives are perfect for suites such as the home or storage. Low maintenance and incredibly tough, this level is also amazingly costeffective.

polished concrete floors Carlisle North Western Australia
polished concrete floors Carlisle North
polished concrete floors Carlisle North

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