polished concrete floors Byford, WA

Unique polished concrete floors, Byford 6122 Western Australia

An coating is a liquid glue along with a hardening agent, used in a number of thicknesses over present or fresh cement to produce a well-matched floor exterior. The glue is often really or distinct gently colored, and possesses no aroma. When it’s blended with the hardener, a response starts that transforms the resin right into a powerful -like area.

NewFloor Surfaces expertise is in epoxy flooring; while we do apply the NewFloor epoxy system to concrete surfaces that are varied. Which range from commercial flooring, terrace floor, retail shop floors, coffee shop floors and many more. Come Visit our showrooms in Melbourne Goldcoast and Ipswich.

Granicrete Inspired Epoxy is endless in its capabilities to become utilized in an imaginative style and is very desirable. The Epoxy is coloured, occasionally numerous shades, pearls could be included, and lots of layers might be placed on have the amazing effects that makes a Granicrete Imaginative Epoxy floor the top in the market.

The key to any floor method that is successful is really a floor prep that is correct. The concrete area must be free from dirt, dust, grease, other along with gas toxins. We concentrate on concrete polishing and diamond farming.

We provide both commercial and commercial flooring solutions, and any slick concrete surfaces can be transformed by us with our range of glue items that are professional and ornamental. As well as securing areas that are new, we are able to also fix and resurface existing floors.

polished concrete floors Byford Western Australia
polished concrete floors Byford
polished concrete floors Byford

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